Interviewer Laurent Fendt from Radio Ici et Maintenant, Paris:


So what about mantras? What is a mantra, and what is this Tibetan mantra?  What is behind it?  You practice many techniques, so what do you think about it?


Andreas:  Mantras represent a very, very powerful yoga.  It's called Mantra Yoga. And it has existed for a very long time. Mantras exist in every culture and in every religion.  And there exist different mantras for every situation you can think of. There are mantras to create certain things and there are mantras to dissolve certain things. Mantra consists of two syllables. ”Tra” means liberation and “man” means man or also consciousness.


So mantra is that which liberates your consciousness, it liberates your life.  Mantra protects your life.  So we can say a mantra will basically improve the quality of your life and ultimately protect it.


And, as I was just saying before, we are experiencing a great movement toward critical mass on every level of society.  But I experience it also in the mantra work.  Our group is getting bigger and bigger.   It's also due to this radio show, I suppose. 


What is happening is that more and more people are becoming open to things they wouldn't have been open to yesterday.  Additionally we live in the age of the information revolution. Whereas 30 years ago information was just crawling, now we have the Internet and anyone can Google and find out, “Ah, meditation has been subjected to science research”. 


If you google the effects of meditation, you'll find a long list of scientifically proven positive effects of the practice of meditation.  Scientifically proven. They connect electrodes to your brain and they measure brainwaves.  We can distinguish between brainwaves that are stress brainwaves and brainwaves that represent relaxation and deep peace.  We can identify deep peace brain functioning.  And it has been scientifically proven that meditation will create deep peace brainwaves. 


And that's not all.  Deep meditation will also stimulate gamma brainwaves.  Gamma brainwaves are genius brainwaves. In other words, meditation heightens your intelligence.  Your IQ will go up with the practice of meditation. That's amazing.  All this is scientifically proven.  That being the case, what are you waiting for?